Ken Johnson

In 1979 Ken Johnson started a game manufacturing company in his parent's basement producing games he invented. The most successful game he has created is Phase 10.

Ken's Biography

K en's big success came in 1982 when he set out to design a new card game. Upon seeing the success of Uno, he wanted to design a card game that could achieve similar success. After just a couple of days sequestered in his apartment, he came up with the Phase 10 card game. His first customers included K-Mart and Meijer stores.

In 1987 Ken licensed the manufacturing and distribution rights of Phase 10 and began receiving royalties from the worldwide sales. Phase 10 is now licensed and produced by Mattel, the largest toy company in the world, with worldwide sales of over 4 million games per year.

Phase 10 is sold in over 30 countries and is the 2nd best selling card game in the world. In the summer of 2022, Ken will celebrate Phase 10's 40th Anniversary!

In 2012, Ken was nominated for a TAGIE award – the Oscar of the Toy and Game industry.

Ken lives in Southeast Michigan with his wife of 26 years and their 15 year old son. Ken currently owns a number of other businesses. Ken has been a guest speaker at inventor clubs, universities, civic organizations and other institutions across the country, and provides support and resources for inventors, entrepreneurs, and youth organizations.

"Everything you need for success is within you, everything outside you is either a tool or an obstacle." Ken Johnson

“Every man is my superior in that I may learn from him.” Thomas Carlyle

“Nothing will ever be attained if all possible objections must be overcome.” Samuel Johnson