Spring Arbor Group

The strategic objective of the Spring Arbor Group LLC

C reating an attractive value proposition with prospective Christian, faith-based business owners, who may wish to convey their businesses (retirement-based, dedication, sale or otherwise) to the Freedom Partners No. 1, LLC. This may empower the owners in realizing both a fair market value from the sale of their businesses as well as furthering the value of Christian Higher Education.

About Spring Arbor Group

The Spring Arbor Group LLC, led by a group of successful business, investment and operating professionals. Spring Arbor Group has created a series of Michigan limited liability, private equity funds under the name, Freedom Partners, for which Spring Arbor Group LLC is the manager.

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The Spring Arbor Group LLC targets the acquisition of companies with a minimum of $1 million EBITDA earnings annually.

The group focuses on acquiring a wide array of industry enterprises whose owners' values align with those of Spring Arbor University - Christian Higher Education integration of faith and learning.

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As a leading university in Christian higher education, Spring Arbor University (SAU) remains committed to offering a high-quality liberal arts education from a foundation of Christian perspective that originated with its founding in 1873.

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Spring Arbor Group
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