Successful Inventing Podcasts

Successful Inventing Podcasts

Successful Inventing

By Kenneth Johnson

Successful inventors teach new inventors how best to navigate the inventing process all the way from concept to the store shelves.

In this episode, Ken reveals the first 3 steps of The Simple Plan. Taken from his book, The Simple Plan – The Six Easy Steps to Make Millions From Your Ideas, Ken provides highlights of the plan to profit from your inventions.

In this episode Ken will outline the Pros and Cons of filing a PPA. He will detail when it is most appropriate to file a PPA and when in the process of developing your invention is the best time to file a PPA.

In this episode, Ken will teach you the 4 things you can do or test for to help you determine whether or not you should be pursing your invention. You will learn how to test the commercial viability of your ideas.

Ken will lay out the real truth about the “protection” a patent provides.

In this episode Ken will explore the best ways to find licensees and how best to position yourself and your invention in this effort.

Ken lists the 5 key things every inventor must do to give their invention the best chance of success. Not only SHOULD every inventor do these things, every inventor CAN do the 5 things Ken speaks about in this episode.

Ken will finish the discussion of the key core elements of a license. You will learn about the clauses of a license agreement that are most critical to your licensing success.

Ken will outline the key provisions of a license agreement. These are “must” clauses you’ll want included in your license agreement. Ken will also discuss how you can negotiate these important clauses into your agreement.

In this episode, Ken will breakdown the key things a licensee is looking for in an invention. Ken starts by explaining what a license is and then goes on to detail the key things a licensee is looking for in a new invention.

In this episode, Ken will lay out the pros and cons of licensing or venturing your invention. Ken has done both, so he can speak from experience on this subject. You as an inventor must decide which go-to-market approach is right for you. This episode will help you make that decision.

Your host, Ken Johnson, will outline what you can expect and learn from the Successful Inventing podcast. Ken has been inventing products for over 40 years. He is the inventor of the Phase 10 card game which is a worldwide bestseller.