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Growing your user base is hard
WildFire makes it easy

The Universal App Currency System

WildFire introduces a universal in-app currency that a user can earn, and use, across any WildFire enabled app.

Earning Wildfire Coins

Users earn WildFire Coins in many ways. The most advantageous to you as a developer is through app referrals.

Spending Wildfire Coins

WildFire enabled app users each have a WildFire Wallet that holds their collected coins. The WildFire SDK provides transaction API’s that you use in your app to initiate currency transactions. The API’s provide a platform specific user interface for users to give approvals and complete the transaction.

App Discovery via the Wildfire Gallery

At the heart of the WildFire system is its ability to grow the user base of WildFire enabled apps. One way it does this is through app referrals.